COVID-19 Updates (In Phase III, Step 1-Levels 1, 2 and 3 Allowed)

Mask Required for All Players and Spectators

UpdatedSunday September 6, 2020 by Brian Tetreault.

Please see attachments for City of Easthampton guidelines during COVID-19 crisis.  All EYSA activities at the Nonotuck Soccer Complex must follow guidelines provided by the City of Easthampton Board of Health and Park & Rec Departments; and from Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association.

Easthampton BOH Mask Order (effective 8/21/20)

The BOH voted at their meeting on Wednesday the 19th to require masks to be worn, regardless of social distancing, in certain areas of the city effective Friday at 8:00 a.m. These areas include:

-The downtown and mill areas as seen highlighted on the map attached to the order

-The Manhan Rail Trail (bike path)

-All city owned parks and property

Additionally, a mask must be on your person while on any public sidewalk, outside of the areas listed above, and be put on when passing another or coming within 6 feet of another.

This order is enforceable with ticketing by the Health and Police Departments. As always, both my office and the Police Department have operated on a compliance and education basis. It is not our goal to go out and ticket people and in our experience, majority of people comply after being spoken to. We do still have masks that we can offer to those who do not have them. My health inspector, Alex White, started on Monday and he will take a few hours a week to walk around to help educate the public and remind them of thisorder.

The official Mask Press Release and Mask Order-Signed can be found in attachments below. 


Massachusetts Youth Soccers Association (MYSA)


New MYSA Guidelines Effective 8/17/20 (outlined in attachment Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association's Guidelines for Return to Soccer Activities dated 9/4/20)

Please note that these new guidelines have incorporated game modifications that are necessary in order to participate in competitive play.  If these modifications are not followed, competitive play can not occur and organizations that do not follow these guidelines will be required to take a step back in the reopening process and may only operate at Level 2 with additional modifications.

The game modifications outlined in the attached update include:
  • No Heading - it is being suspended at all age groups
  • No Shoulder to Shoulder Contact - It is being suspended at all age groups
  • No Slide Tackling taking place within 6 feet
  • Throw Ins are suspended and kick-ins with modifications will be utilized
  • Corner Kicks are suspended and kick ins with modifications will be utilized
  • Teammates must be at least 6 feet away from each other and all opponents must be at least 10 yards away during DFK and IDFK
  • No challenges, but may use toe pokes and foot blocks
  • Drop ball restart is suspended and replaced with an IDFK to the team with possession at the time of game stoppage
These modifications are necessary to meet the requirement that play must be modified to limit contact (eliminate deliberate contact - shoulder to shoulder and minimize intermittent contact - headers and challenges) and increase distancing among participants.
Updates from 9/4/20:
  • Coaches are asked to work in player behavior to break habits that could contribute to the spread of the virus, such as spitting, nose clearing on the field or spitting on goalie gloves;
  • Coin Toss is being replaced by simply asking the visiting team to choose to kick off or defer to the second half;
  • Intentional body contact is still not permitted, but intermittent or unintentional contact is permitted so long as it is for the purpose of trying to take the ball;
  • While Slide tackling is still not permitted, going to the ground to save a ball or stop a long ground pass is permissible so long as players are not within 6 feet;
  • While there are still kick-ins, there is no restrictions regarding the ball going into the opponent's penalty area;
  • The use of face masks has been further defined to state that 'mask breaks' can be taken so long as players are greater than 6 feet apart, but the expectation is that masks will be worn.  It also states that if conditions are so severe that is it deemed too dangerous to wear a mask, the competition must be delayed, postponed or cancelled (i.e. too hot, heavy rain, etc)

Return to Soccer Activities
MA Exectutive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs-Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities-Phase III, Step 1


Return to Soccer Activities

Phase 3, Step 1 Guidelines (Updated July 24, 2020)


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Easthampton BOH Mask Press Release
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